Friday, 26 August 2016

Family life with an all electric car, the switch to a Tesla Model S

Cars.  Most us have them, even more have been in one.  For some, it's a hobby or collection.  Before we had kids, hubby and I would trade through cars of various kinds, from sports cars, to big trucks and everything in between. However, when kids came along, we found our focus to be more on convenience and fitting those damn car seats in along with all that baby gear that seams to travel around with us.  Our days of fun toys were traded for the practical minivan.  I even wrote about it on here 2010! That all changed late last fall when we rented a Tesla Model S while on a business trip in Las Vegas.
October 2015 Las Vegas next to a 2013 Tesla Model S 60

Hubby surprised me with the upgraded rental from our normal compact rental type while attending a trade show in Las Vegas in October 2015.  It was Tesla Model S 60 and was so much fun to play with. But it opened my eyes to a potential new family car that was safe (safest car on the market), fit us all (did you know about the optional third row?) and was sporty.  Right up my alley!  But the whole being all electric and no gas engine for a back up was a bit of a concern for me.  So I researched. And researched some more, because that's what I do. I research the crap out of something before taking the plunge, especially with this kind of price tag. And this is the result of all my research:

Picking up our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D
We crunched the numbers and found ourselves picking up our 2016 Tesla Model S 90D two days after hubbys birthday. Now I say crunched the numbers because the car is a 6 figure vehicle that was to replace my much cheaper Town and Country.  But when I factored in how much I spend on gas, oil changes and other maintenance that only goes into ICE cars (internal combustion engine), I found that on a monthly basis, I was now in the same ball park (ok a smidgen more, but I have to add a bit of $$ for sports car right?) 

Here is what we loaded it with:
Complete glass moon roof ( a must if I want to have roof racks in my future )
3rd row seating (see pictures below)
Heated seats & steering wheel (we are in Canada after all)
Next Gen leather seats
Auto Pilot (This alone deserves a whole separate post)
Convenience package (lighting, fog lights and a few other minor things)

So lets talk about the biggest thing that people always ask me about.  Range anxiety.   When we originally ordered our car, we had opted for the 85D battery pack. At the time offerings included 70/D 85/D and 90/D (D being the all wheel drive option, you can do either) However shortly after we ordered, we received a call that the 85 battery pack was being discontinued and were presented with keeping with the 85 as ordered or upgrade to the 90.  We opted to upgrade to the 90 as it only increases range and who wants a car delivered to them that's already discontinued!  What are the differences between all these numbers you ask? Just range. Small battery = less range. Now don't get me wrong, even the smallest battery pack offered today, the 60 still gets you 351km, but I wanted to make sure we had the most possible.  The 90D offers 473km of regular every day mixed use driving.  If grandma is driving you might get something like this:

That's a screen shot from my Tesla app on my phone showing if we are 100% charged, and drive like grandma, we would get 589km a charge.  Now here is something to thing about for those that are still on the range anxiety fence. I start each and every day with a full battery (charged to 90% as recommended)  That means for my daily drives, I have over 400km of pavement to cruise on before needing to stop and recharge.  So even if I do go through that in a day, I just stop at a supercharger or one of the MANY public FREE charging stations available just about everywhere.  Now I want you to do something.  Go download the app PlugShare.  Let it figure out where you are with you phones location settings and check out how many chargers in your area are available.  Live in the city? check out cottage country.  There's a lot more then you think.

Stopping at a Super Charger in Port Hope,ON with the kiddies

I have yet to have an issue with not having enough juice to get to where I want to go, and I have now had the car for almost 5 months.  Speaking of that, here is a snapshot worth some words:

Happy 3 month anniversary!

This photo was taken on the three month anniversary of owning her.  In three months we have put on 9,522km.  Most of which was car pooling to work, dropping kids off at day care/school, a weekend getaway to celebrate 11 married years with hubby and the usual every day life.  But what does that number really mean?  It means 19 less stops as gas stations, it means $1300 of my money NOT given to gas companies and the feeling that I am impacting the environment in albeit a small, but green way.  Plus, she does 0 - 60MPH in 4 seconds!! (I may or may not have a bit of a lead foot)

There is so much more I could say about this car for so many reasons.  And I will, but I didn't want to leave you with the worlds longest blog post.  So check back often.  I've got more to share! 

Before we part though, did I convince you to buy one?  If so, use my referral code Martina2849 to save $$ on your purchase of one (as of the date of this blog post, $1200CDN)  It's the only way to get money off your new purchase!

3rd row in action!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Shopkins makes the wish list

Shopkins has been on the wish list for the 5-10 aged kids for a little while now.  Found at toys r us, and specialty stores in Canada, these food character collectibles are fun!   This fall , shopkins released season three which includes characters such as peachy and sweet pea!

MSRP of 19.99 (hint they go on sale sometimes down to 12.99) they are just to cute to pass up. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Glama Gal Tween Spas for all your girly spa parties!

With multiple locations in southern Ontario, Glama Gals Tween Spas are near you!  Mud masks, nail polish, glitter oh my!  Get your girly on with your little miss (and all her friends) with a special spa day.  

My little miss is such a girl despite her two older brothers.  She loves pink, dresses, bracelets and crowns!   But nail polish is one thing I haven't ventured to much into since she is still so young.  Glamspiration solves that with their non toxic shine polish that washes off with soap!  I can't wait to get girly with my title miss!!

Glama Gals is suggested for aged 6+ and can do mommy and me, classes or birthday parties.  Visit them at to book online!!

Coccoli celebrates 20 years in Montreal!

Canadian company Coccoli is celebrating 20 years by releasing it's 40th collection!  With soft hues and comfortable fabric, Coccoli is a hit with parents and kids alike.

Get Real Momma was fortunate enough to receive these adorable pyjamas! 

Coccoli’s garments are crafted with high-quality, durable and easy-care fabrics that can be put in the washer and dryer without altering their shape or color. Wash them in lukewarm water and dry at medium temperature.  This is so important that kids clothing be easy to wash!  With three kids we do lots of hand me downs!

Here in southern Ontario, Collico can be found at specialty stores such as Dear Born, Sugar Plum and more. Check them out online at 

Happy birthday Coccoli!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

TREEHOUSE BIG DAY OUT hits #Toronto this September #Win tickets here!!!


The Wiggle’s ‘Rock & Roll Preschool’ Tour Makes its First Stop at Treehouse’s Family Event at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Activities to include Costume Character Meet-and-Greets, Face Painting,
Arts and Crafts, Interactive Games and Much More

Back by popular demand, Corus Entertainment’s Treehouse Big Day Out is returning for an exciting live event jam-packed with fun for the whole family. Hosted by Treehouse, Canada’s #1 specialty channel for young children, the two-day live event will feature exciting activities for kids of all ages and special performances by headline act, The Wiggles, and Treehouse’s own children’s music duo, Splash’N Boots.

Taking place at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto on September 12 and 13, 2015, Treehouse Big Day Out will offer two separate ticketed events each day – a morning event starting from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with stage shows from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and an afternoon event from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. with stage shows from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  This special event also will be televised on Treehouse this Fall. Tickets for Treehouse Big Day Out may be purchased at Ticketmaster, beginning on Friday, June 12. Visit for more details.

“We are thrilled to bring back the Treehouse Big Day Out festival to offer kids and families an incredible weekend filled with fantastic fun,” said Colin Bohm, Vice President, Television, Head of Corus Kids. “This year, along with special performances from The Wiggles and Splash’N Boots, the festival will have even more hands-on activities for the whole family to explore and enjoy together.”

Treehouse Big Day Out will mark the first stop on The Wiggle’s Canadian tour where they will sing songs from their brand new CD and DVD, “Rock & Roll Preschool” that will also be featured in the new season of their hit TV series airing on Treehouse. Joined on stage by their lovable friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, founding member Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle), Emma Watkins (Yellow Wiggle), Simon Pryce (Red Wiggle) and Lachlan Gillespie (Purple Wiggle) can't wait to deliver a rocking good time for families at Big Day Out.
Since joining the Treehouse family in February, Splash’N Boots have become a household name for families with young children across Canada. The JUNO Award-nominated duo bring the joy of music and dance to the stage with the same fun and engaging energy that entertains little ones in the short Splash’N Boots episodes that air throughout the day on Treehouse.

In addition to all the live performances on tap, Treehouse Big Day Out will feature an array of fun-filled family activities, including meet and greet photo opportunities with fan-favourite Treehouse characters and a Nelvana digital play station featuring free WiFi to download the new TreehouseGO app, and much more.

All attending kids will also receive a festival program full of activities and colouring pages for even more BIG fun at home!
About Treehouse
Loved by Kids! Trusted by Parents! Treehouse, Canada’s #1 channel for young children, offers premium programming and a trusted, safe environment for little ones and their parents. Delivering a strong balance of educational, imaginative and entertaining programs, Treehouse provides high-quality children’s series from Canada and around the world. Hit shows include Bubble Guppies, Trucktown, Dora and Friends, Mike the Knight and Toopy & Binoo. Canada’s pre-eminent brand for young children, Treehouse is owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. Learn more about Treehouse at
Follow Corus PR on Twitter @CorusPR  Follow Treehouse on @TreehouseTV

About The Wiggles
After more than 24 years of performing, The Wiggles are the world’s #1 Children’s entertainment group. With 7 million albums, 23 million DVDs and 8 million books sold, The Wiggles have performed to millions of fans across the globe. Since releasing their self-titled album in 1991 the group has wiggled its way to worldwide fame. More than 50 CD and DVD releases later, they have earned 17 x gold, 12 x platinum, 3 x double-platinum, 10 x multi-platinum awards for their music and DVD sales and winning 11 x ARIA Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association) for Best Children’s Album (making ARIA history as the most awarded ARIA winner in the one category.) North American fans can catch The Wiggles daily on Sprout in the U.S and Treehouse in Canada. You can also follow the gang on Twitter via or become a fan of their official Facebook page

About Splash’N Boots
Splash’N Boots have performed more than 1,200 shows in the last six years across Canada and the U.S. and are internationally recognized with sold out performances around the world including Dubai, Italy, Bermuda and Australia. Besides touring extensively, Splash’N Boots have also released seven award-winning CDs, 18 music videos and two full-length DVDs. The pair has two JUNO Award nominations for Children’s Album of the Year, in 2015 and 2014, and they have been crowned Canadian Children’s Music Group of the Year three times at the Siruis XM Independent Music Awards. 

Now WIN some tickets!!  4 tickets are up for grabs
 Ends Aug 30 11:59pm